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Gold Coast-based Singer-Songwriter Helen Rae has been expanding her local and international fan base since releasing her debut EP ‘You’re The One’ in 2012.  In 2013, she released her popular single Ripples On The Water and was accepted as an AMRAP artist, making her first music video along the way.  With a background in opera and music theatre, Helen Rae continues to evolve her musical style combining elements of pop, rock, jazz and EDM.


Though primarily a solo artist, Helen Rae has performed live around Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with her band and in duos with Steve Norris Raff De and DJ ReZZn8 at major venues and events. The Helen Rae sound has a decidedly and intentionally “old school” vibe with its goal to combine elements of old and new!  Helen Rae has recorded 2 singles with Sunshine Coast producer Jason Slack-Smith.  One of these singles ‘Rewind’ has received international airplay and also won an Akademia pop/jazz category award in December 2015! 


In addition to writing and performing her original music, Helen Rae has worked on a number of collaborative projects with DJs, producers and artists such as Metro Pedro and Paul Currie. 

In 2016 Helen Rae released her vampire-themed single Cat Amongst The Pigeons recorded at Audiosapien Studios in Brisbane and was again accepted as an AMRAP Airit artist for 2016/2017.  The accompanying studio-recorded music video was filmed on location by students at The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) in Brisbane.  In 2017 Helen recorded  a "sequel" vampire-themed track  As Darkness Falls with Paradox Productions. In 2018 she released her single Winter which has been featured on local and international radio. Helen Rae is currently working on a collaborative music project around the theme of domestic violence ‘Rip to Roar’ with lyricist Emma Watkins due for debut at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2020.

Helen Rae is currently completing a Doctor of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium (Griffith University), focussing her research on multi-genre song performance and voice pedagogy.  Hel Rae is a Full Writer Member of the Australasian Performing Rights Association Limited (APRA), Owner/Manager of the Young Artist Development Company and Head of Song & Dance and The Performing Arts Conservatory.

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